We are ready to ensure and provide professional services following some cultural, education, business or other social events.

Our team of professionals will take care so that you had a chance to look into the world of an artistic photography, movies, etiquette, psychology and by means of these skills to work on improvement of your relationship with others, or to perform in the movie or TV series.

With regard to training of new flight attendants we have specialized professionals in aviation field (lecturer from Training Centre of Medical and First Aid , lecturer from Training Centre for Civil Aviation Security and lecturer from Fire Fighting Centre, psychologist, lecturer for Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette)

Lets take a look to our main lecturers.


Executive Director of Koruna Academy s.r.o

Mgr. Natália Kopčanová studied cultural theory at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava. After finishing her studies, she worked for 10 years in the fast-paced, demanding aviation sector. She has extensive experience with training programs in the areas of management, communications, presentation skills, and human resource management, particularly in the area of VIP services in Slovakia and abroad. An expert equestrian, she is the owner of the race horse, Koruna.


Coordinator, Office Manager

Mgr. art. Monika Smolková studied Academy of Arts in Slovakia. After graduation, she has been involved in many television projects. She works in many projects dealing with opera, folks, pop music. She also helps students to be enrolled in Art schools.All her life has been blended together with art and culture, not only its reception but also creation. In our company she takes care about coordination, management and administrative works.


Lecturer of Etiquette and Diplomatic Protocol

Ing.Marek Trubač became The spokesman of  President of Slovak Republic,(Ivan Gašparovič) in 2004. He finished his University studies in Nitra, Slovak Republic and performed in various media. He performed as editor in chief and moderator. He started in Radio Nitra, later Radio Forte, Television VTV, Luna TV and TA3, Radio Express) He is an expert on communication, protocol and etiquette. During ten years in Presidential palace, except communication, he took part also in some top level protocol events, like: Summit Bush-Putin 2005, Summit Heads of States  V4 in 2008 and 2012, visit of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. in 2008 and top meeting of Presidents in Slovakia Summit 2013.  Nowadays he is dedicated to counseling and education in the area of communication, protocol, etiquette and event management and publication activities.


Lecturer, Expert, Consultant

PhDr. Dagmar Kopčanová, PhD, is a counselling psychologist and therapist with long-term experience in psychological and educational counselling, school psychology, and family therapy. She works at the Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology, as well as lecturing at the St Elisabeth University for Health and Social Work in Bratislava. She collaborates professionally with both domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations and is involved in several UNESCO projects as an international consultant.

With her therapeutic skills and understanding, she brings to clients a high degree of support and guidance as they enter the exciting, dynamic worlds of modelling, hostessing, and acting.


Lecturer, Project Manager

Thomas Hrastnik was born in  Sweden. He moved to Austria in 1972. Thomas is a graduate of the Higher Technical College for Business Technology and Mechanical Engineering in Mödling, Lower Austria.He got his degree in Social and Economic Sciences with an emphasis on Organizational Sociology from the University of Vienna. Since 1997 he has been the Managing Director of the“Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft Wien“, additionally he conducted from 1997-2017 Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft Niederösterreich and from 1999-2004 „Junior Achievement Austria“ and “Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft Österreich” ("Economic Society Austria")He is an expert for life-long learning, coaching and guidance and development of personality.He is an organizer of conferences and a lot of projects, especially in Europe.



Professional photographer, modeling & new faces

Ing. Petra Baranovičová originally studied architecture at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. It was here that she was introduced to the art of photography, the first step on her journey to fashion photography and her future in this field.

As a professional photographer, she works primarily on photo shoots devoted to beauty and fashion, collaborating with modelling agencies, designers, and cosmetologists. Her expert skills extend to retouching portraits to bring out the best in her subjects. In her own words, the most memorable, effective beauty fashion photos are the result of synergy arising from the concept, the lighting, and the moment.