VIP Flight Attendant

This course is designed for female and male air hostesses and is for both beginners and those with prior experience. You will learn the range of responsibilities and obligations involved in the exhilarating world of VIP air hostessing. Areas of instruction include proper dress, etiquette, protocol, and arrangements on board, as well as VIP catering and preparation of a 5-star menu: led by a professional chef, you will learn how to prepare a high-quality, catered meal.

The course will not only improve your skills and creativity but will increase your self-confidence, showing you how to make the most of your natural assets and charms.



Corporate flight attendant training

The VIP Flight Attendant training courses have been developed specifically for candidates aspiring to work on business jets in the corporate aviation sector.  The courses deliver comprehensive training on all aspects of onboard service and the essential skills and resources required for a career as a professional Corporate Flight Attendant.   We also deliver bespoke Flight Attendant training courses to corporate aircraft operators wishing to update their current level of onboard service.



Learn more about VIP Cabin Crew Training

Professional aviation training

Koruna Academy was established to meet training needs of the corporate and commerical aviation sectors. We deliver aircew safety training and cabin cabin crew safety training courses, we offer flexible training solutions.  Training courses can be conducted at client location worldwide or in-house as required.  We can also assist with developing training programs and the delivery of your own training courses to cabin crew and aircrew.    We provide professional aviation training solutions, contact us today to discuss your training requirements.


Course syllabus

Day 1

    • The private aviation industry
    • Corporate aircraft types
    • Private owner and charter flights
    • VVIP'S, HNWI and Heads of State
    • Working onboard a corporate jet - a day in the life
    • Delivering exceptional service
    • Pre-flight, inflight and post flight duties
    • Effective trip planning
    • Ordering catering and menu planning worldwide
    • Catering and service styles for the Middle East, Russian, African and Asian clientele
    • Creative menu writing
    • Galley organisation and service set up
    • Mis en place
    • Modern napkin folds
    • The art of setting the table
    • Silver service

Day 2

    • Serving wine and champagne
    • Wine and food pairing
    • Gourmet foods & brands
    • Caviar, balik salmon & foie gras
    • Garnishing and food plating
    • Contemporary culinary presentation techniques
    • Catering practical
    • Styling the cabin
    • Contemporary cabin trends and new concepts
    • Food safety basics 
  • Day 3
  • Cultural differences and considerations
  • Children onboard
  • Pets in the Cabin
  • Customs and aircraft paperwork
  • Corporate and personal etiquette
  • Presenting a professional image
  • Social Media etiquette
  • Networking and resources
  • Interviews and trial flights
  • Career progression
  • Optional CV workshop and current vacancies
  • Aircraft Visit


Who is the course for?

The three day course is aimed at candidates aspiring to work in the corporate aviation industry, commercial cabin crew and for personal staff required to work onboard their employers private aircraft.  It is also ideal for those wishing to enhance their professional experience and to update their service skills.   We also deliver bespoke service training and consultancy to private aircraft operators who are looking to enhance their current level of service.


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