- anxiety disorders, fears, various phobias
- difficulties with upbringing (borders, cooperation and communication, child defiance…)
- neurotic manifestations and neurosis,  /imperious acts, stammering                                    - nail biting, enuresis, problems of food-intake (anorexia nervosa, bulimia), insomnia                 - Separation problems (separation from parent when entering kindergarten, school, etc.)                     - Adaptation and adjustment problems
- siblings‘ relationships (jealousy, conflicts between siblings…)
– parents’ divorce
– low self-esteem of a child

Psychodiagnostics of children  

  • Personality assessment, family relationships
  • impact of a serious events on a child
  • Abilities test

Children and parents

  • New skills for communication with a child and their application for children games

Educational and psychological counseling

  • Child behavior in the home setting
  • Cooperation, disobedience, etc.
  • Child behavior in the school setting – bullying, aggression, worsening of school achievement, etc.

Counseling and psychotherapy for adults 

- Feelings of dissatisfaction with one’s own life

-Partnership problems

- Anxiety and panic attacs

- Depressive feelings

- Other specific problems

E-mail counseling

– From some reasons, when personal contact is not possible, or when a person prefers this kind of  counselling he/she is provided e-mail counseling.

We reply untill 3 working days, minimum one page, payment beforehand. This kind of counseling is not ideal one, but in some urgent cases can be useful.


When should you search for a special advice ?

Meeting a psychologist can have various reasons. When parents have a problematic child, they usually seek some help. Problems can be evident outside home settings (kindergarten, school), but also at home. Parents often need some advise in upbringing issues, when they are not sure if they proceed accurately, or they have the feeling that their educational methods are not working.

Adults can have problems in various areas of their life (family relationship, one’s own feelings, problems in a job, etc.). A person often goes to see a psychologist, when there is a problem, that is not a major one, however it survives. Then a person have the feeling to  be trapped. In particular cases a brief therapy can be helpful. But mostly it is recommended to meet a few times in  agreed intervals, or following individual needs.

List of prices

Counseling,  diagnostics, psychotherapy 50 EUR/ session  (45-50 minutes)
Counseling,  diagnostics, psychotherapy 80 EUR/ session  (90 minutes)
Visiting kindergarten, school, home, making special observation in field 60 EUR  (60 minutes)
Elaboration of a special report 80 EUR
E-mail counseling, telephone counseling, (Skype, Whatsup, Viber) 40 EUR  (30 minutes)

When a person cannot come to an appointment, it is possible to cancel it, but not later than at least one day before.    (telephone call, e-mail or SMS). In case when the appointment has not been cancelled, 50% from the original price will be charged.

(Note: The counseling, diagnostics and psychotherapy for foreigners will be provided in English).