Complete the unique training course for flight attendants in June 2022 in Slovakia and acquire the CABIN CREW ATTESTATION, approved by the  Slovak Transport Authority in Bratislava, Slovakia.

During the registration you will have the opportunity to talk to the representatives and lecturers of the Koruna Academy organisation. The communication language is English.

We are looking forward to meeting you !!!

Contact:+421 905 033 970


Koruna Academy– just 3 steps to become a flight attendant :

1ststep : Register to the  Initial  Training Course for Cabin Crew, taking place in June 2022  Bratislava, Slovakia.


2ndstep :Complete the Initial  Training Course for Cabin Crew (112 training hours) in the Koruna Academy  Training Organization, established in Bratislava, Slovakia in October 2021.


3rdstep:Acquire the  certificate – Cabin Crew Attestation that helps you to enter all privileged air-companies throughout all Europe.


We are looking forward to meeting you  !!!


A SPECIAL, FAIR PRICE !!!   Reduced from 1,080   to just  860,- Euro!

This covers up the expenses for schooling, lecturers, study materials, training tools, training in Aviation centers.